DALKEITH CASTLE Dalkeith Castle was located to the north east of Dalkeith, and…

Drawing of Dalkeith Castle (the Scotland event will be in Dalkeith).not sure how accurate this drawing is but who doesn't love a castle with a MOAT?

Castle gatehouse - Q-files Encyclopedia

The castle's massive gatehouse was its only entrance—and it was more heavily fortified than any other part. The drawbridge over the moat, a water-filed.

Reconstruction attempt of the older part of the Hapsburg Castle by Joe Rohrer

Reconstruction attempt of the older part of the Hapsburg Castle by Joe Rohrer

The Magennis Castle as likely situated about 1300 - Leabhar na h-Uídhre (The Book of the Dun Cow), housed at Dublin's Royal Irish Academy, reports a feast given in Dún Rúdhraidhe to honor king Conor Mac Nessa and the Red Branch Knights. There is now another castle which sits atop this hill, over the ruins of Dún Rúdhraidhem - Dundrum Castle.

Dundrum Castle, Dundrum, Co Down,Ireland Located on a wooded hill north-west of…



Evolution of the Castle

The evolution of the castles in the Iron Age period that arose from the walled, fortified confines of the medieval villages to ward off the invading attackers of old.

Walt Disney's Story Of Robin Hood: Nottingham Castle

Nottingham castle was built by the Normans in early century. It wasn't until after the Nottingham uprising in that a sheriff was placed there, since no one was the owner. Nottingham is famous for the Legend of Robin Hood.