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This mighty warrior will take on any challenge to prove his courage, relying on his great axe to.

Tiki from Dragon's Crown. Also known as Tinkerbell's drunk teenage daughter :)

She's a fairy who likes to gets drunk off one giant (compared to her) drink, and ends up falling into it and lounging there like in a bath.

Game Character, Character Design, Fantastic Art, Odin Sphere, Cornelius, Vanilla, Horror, Gothic, Goth

別売ダウンロードコンテンツ「元禄怪奇譚」第四弾『角隠女地獄』:特集:PS Vita『朧村正』公式サイト

別売ダウンロードコンテンツ「元禄怪奇譚」第四弾『角隠女地獄』:特集:PS Vita『朧村正』公式サイト


Muramasa Rebirth - 10 artes e 35 imagens

Angels - Dragon's Crown

Dragon's Crown: The Three Goddesses. Althena (middle), Jula (left), and Vernas (right).