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Really interesting collar variation on a "Burgundian" style gown. (Or is this a houpeland?) Great hat, cylindrical not conical / cone

Burgundian gown with large sleeves over fitted kirtle sleeves and exposed kirtle hem from "Histoire de Helayne"-- Reference for Princess of the French Court

July 2015 HSF – Accessorize – horned headdress

During the Late middle ages men used a houppelande, which was a style that was used as a man'a housecoat. This image also shows a bourrelet with caul, sugarloaf hat, and cone shaped headdress.

Burgundian-gown with Short sleeves showing the large sleeves of undergown. From Guillaume de Lorris and Jean de Meung "Le Roman de la Rose" (made for Louise of Savoy

1450-80 Genève, Bibliothèque de Genève, Ms. fr. 64- Jean Mansel, La fleur des histoires bge-fr0064_303v det

Very clear illustration of the long hem turned up to the outside to preserve the skirt and for warmer weather.

century (late Bruges Donni Triptych by Hans Memling, detail of Lady Elizabeth Donne and daughter Anne or Margaret London, National Gallery

century houppelande, with its extravagant use of fabric, was a symbol of wealth in medieval times when every scrap of cloth was precious.' Notice her whimsical expression, almost as if she is speaking to the sculptor.

Master-of-the-Baroncelli-Portraits-Saint-Catherine-of-Bologna-with-three-donors-ca.-1470-1480.jpg (384×893)

Transition gown – 1490-1500 upcoming project.

For quite a while, I’ve been contemplating “transition” gowns. They occupy a short period between the late century Burgundian gowns with the deep V necks and wide belt, and…