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Lyches and Lords by MajesticChicken.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Colored up a Lychguard sporting the color scheme of the Ogdobekh dynasty and a Destroyer Lord tangling with an Imperial Fist Terminator. Lyches and Lords

Here's a recent piece I did for Fantasy Flight Games's Deathwatch series. Nick © Games Workshop under license to Fantasy F.

latest (960×632)

Warhammer orks with warboss! The stronger a position of leadership the orks hold, the bigger they get!

#warhammer #necrons #necron #triarch #praetorian

#warhammer #necrons #necron #triarch #praetorian

possibly a bit too 'human' for how i imagine the Necron to be, but a good example of a crusty, ancient Necron Lord.

Epic Nemesis Cover by StugMeister

The Tbousand Sons Chaos Space Marines battling The Space Wolves Adeptus Astartes, this is a likely depiction of the Battle of the Fang, the siege of the Space Wolves' fortress monastery on their homeworld of Fenris