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If you want to avoid being called stupid, don't say anything. Especially you, Rory...XD

Funny pictures about In a perfect universe I would get to watch this show. Oh, and cool pics about In a perfect universe I would get to watch this show. Also, In a perfect universe I would get to watch this show.

Monty Python

Monty Python

Monty Python, riding invisible horses before it was cool.- GOD I love Monty python!

Great because Silent Hill was the movie we saw on our first date even though DH hates scary movies! LOVE IT!

Second question: Do you *love* Sherlock?then marriage.

Dr. Who party, Peanuts style!

The Peanuts Thanksgiving and Christmas TV specials are here and the Doctor Who Anniversary special is over, now for a Doctor Who Charlie Brown mashup.

Introducing a friend to your fandom | Doctor Who | The Incredibles

Introducing a friend to your fandom <--- the most accurate description ever!

Matt Smith...  Oh my gosh, I love him so much.

Matt Smith at Comic-Con - defending little girls everywhere from weeping angels. awwww so cute!

Rory, Ten, and Eleven are my favorites

BBC gives unrealistic expectations in men. I think I must have found THE perfect man :) .it's so true though!

His last face. Priceless.

Misunderstandings across Time, Space, and Culture

Captain Jack. . Fan: Being nerdy but we' re on tbe Internet... apologize for being nerdy but we' re all you know... never apology o- being n...

John Barrowman: Never apologize for being nerdy. Non-nerds don't apologize for being dickheads.

Love him as doctor

only The Doctor could sword fight Robin Hood with a spoon and still look like a badass haha

Awww #9, 10, 11

This is why I love Doctor Who. The moments when no matter who you are or what you think of yourself, the Doctor tells you that you're important.<<<I love how one of the main messages in this show is, everything is important, and that includes you.

Doctor Who Fanart | Doctor Who - Doctor Who Fan Art (32239872) - Fanpop fanclubs ---- YEAH BUDDY!!!!!!!!

Another Phineas and Ferb/Doctor Who crossover. Almost fits with the one about Ferb being the Doctor.

What really happened in The Angels Take Manhattan

Seriously, should have taken the train. (Doctor Who, The Angels Take Manhattan)