Slide Into Peer 1 Hosting’s European Headquarters

Slide Into Peer 1 Hosting’s European Headquarters

Slide & Log Cabin Meeting Rooms Hostings new offices, designed by us - Space & Solutions


Room Dividers and Lounge space that helps give structure to an open space.

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Slide Into Peer 1 Hosting's European Headquarters - Office Snapshots

Office Tour: Slide Into Peer 1 Hosting’s European Headquarters

Peer 1 Hosting Headquarters located in Southampton, UK. Designed by Space and Solutions, the goal was to create the best place to work in the UK as a means of innovation, creativity, and acquiring and keeping great talent.

DSC 1668 700x705 Slide Into Peer 1 Hostings European Headquarters

Slide Into Peer 1 Hosting’s European Headquarters

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This would make an awesome play-room! Peer 1 Hosting, Southampton, UK by Space and Solutions

This three-story slide by Tokyo-based LEVEL Architects wraps around the entire interior of the home!       credit: LEVEL Architects []

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for a loft space - how cool. like the idea of trapping children in here

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Any kid lucky enough to live in a two-story house will quickly figure out how to turn it into an indoor all-weather slide. Whether that's using a piece of cardboard as a sled, or simply by putting on a few extra pairs of undies for padding and bouncing down on their keester. But soon, thanks to the SlideRider, there could be another way.

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