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Nazi Propaganda

This July 1932 election poster shows the German worker, enlightened through National Socialism, towering over his opponents. It reads "We Workers Have Awakened. We’re Voting National Socialist." Poster courtesy US Holocaust Memorial Museum.

“Defend her! She could be your mother, your sister, your daughter”

Italian WWII anti-American poster: "She could be your mother, your wife, your sister, your daughter: Stand for Her!

“Daddy, someday when I have my own farm, no Jew will enter my house...”*    Ernst Hiemer, Der Giftpilz (Nuremberg, Stürmerverlag, 1938).

Nazi propaganda: Der Giftpilz is a children's book published by Julius Streicher in The title is German for "the toadstool" or "the poisonous mushroom." -- How a German Peasant Was Driven from House and Farm


Nazi poster, "Der ist schuld am Kriege!" [Jews are] guilty for the war

A Nazi propaganda postcard reading "For the Führer—The youth"

nazi ministry of propaganda posters - Google Search

Nazi poster for the NSD-Studentenbundes, "The German Student fights for Führer and People"

Nazi propaganda, swastika flag flying above a young child.

Cherub faced girl with the Nazi flag behind her.

Berlin | Olympiastadion. 1936 Olympischen Spiele in Berlin

Berlin | Olympiastadion. 1936 Olympischen Spiele in Berlin

there are no words for this

Hitler 1932 campaign poster from a photograph by his personal photographer Heinrich Hoffmann.

Nazi Germany - Nazi Anti Semetic (Portraying Jews as evil people)

Nazi Germany - Nazi Anti Semetic (Portraying Jews as evil people)

Nazi Olympic Games Propaganda (Germany, 1934)

", (The Reich Sports Day of the Association of German Girls) ~ Nazi Propaganda Poster, Illustration and Graphic by Ludwig Hohlwein - Germany).

political propaganda posters = always the best graphic design.

Raging at the Bull: Occupy Wall Street Posters From Occuprint.Check out the five films in the Occupy Block Saturday May Maysles Cinema in Harlem