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bucket list: have a relationship like landon and jamie. A Walk to Remember

Laughing so hard bc I hate Taylor and I would hate to meet her but if I could ask her I would

And tell her she should sing a song that says she's the I LOVE TAYLOR

Find the perfect wedding dress

Bucket list: find the perfect wedding dress Married twice - dress my Mom talked me into - it saved them money. wedding was a quicky so we cud be married before dctors but me in the hospital 4 the milionth time GOt a cute go to weddings kind of dress

Mattress Surfing! Cool! I'm sure I would be able to do that! Totally on my bucket list!

Bucket list - Mattress Surfing like in princess diaries! I have wanted to do this since the first time I watched princess diaries

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Starting tomorrow I'll try to live a more healthy life, and I hope to have my dream body one day.


two boys 1 to 2 years apart and then like 5 years later a girl. so the girl will be tough and the boys will beat up anyone who tries to hurt my baby girl.

#2 Especial Besos de Pelicula: EL DIARIO DE NOAH - [b]Noah: Puedo ser divertido si quieres, o pensativo, listo o supersticioso, valiente, incluso bailarín. Seré lo que quieras. Dime lo que quieres y lo seré por ti. Allie: Eres tonto. Noah: Lo podría ser.[/b] _______________________________________________ [b]En un especial como este, ellos no podían faltar con ese beso de pelicula que tienen bajo la lluvia. AMO esta pelicula por muchas razones. Una de ellas es por esa manera en que él la ...

#2 Especial Besos de Pelicula: EL DIARIO DE NOAH - our_tvworld

The Notebook- Noah (Ryan Gosling) and Allie (Rachel McAdams) share a lot of kisses, but nothing beats the post-canoe, pouring-rain moment — "It still isn't over!

Ojalaaa q todos!!

Breaks my heart that my dad won't be there, but I pray that I get married soon so that my mom sees me walk down the isle

Great feeling! Especially one when look makes you both crack up uncontrollably!

I have 4 ladies in my life that will never let me down. My best friend, my bestie, my bff and my love!

and maybe see the Kardashians


Shop at Dash.When one of the Kardashians are there :)

And try not to get sick from it. :)

Playing in the rain is already fun. Playing in the rain with my love with be 10 times more fun.