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TanSafe - Gem dine nøgler i TanSafe når du er på stranden.

TanSafe - Gem dine nøgler i TanSafe når du er på stranden.

Endlich: Leatherman für Ladies! Als Haarclip! Praktisch immer praktisch ;)

Clippa- Mini tools clip Screw drivers, wrench, trolley coin, ruler & cutting edge, all combined in this tiny hair clip. A multi functional hair clip that doubles as a toolbox on the go! Made of Stainless steel. Pack: 1 unit hairclip) Size: 6 x x / x x in

Someone finally on invented these?!? Chameleon Bandage

Chameleon Bandage

I hate the way that some bandages really stick out on your skin - especially on the face. With the Chameleon Bandage – Band-aid Redesign by Xue Xing Wu, Zi Yu Li, Yue Hua Zhu & Zhi Qiang Wang, it will camouflage to your skin tone.

Smartphone laden mit Solar-Aufkleber für Fenster

Samsung Ativ Q: Neues 13,3"-Tablet läuft mit Windows 8 und Android (UPDATE x2: Hands-On

Great idea of a Window Mounted Solar Charger to save electricity. It will be very handy to travel with you.

Totally want one…more cool gadgets at: verrückte Geschenke >>>

The Drill Gun Power Screwdriver is an amazing power tool which is shaped like a revolver! Just put the size screw that you need in the barrel of the gun, aim, and shoot! The remaining drill bits can rest in the chambers until you need them!

Automatic Mini Donut Factory - All it takes is some donut batter and some hot oil and the machine will produce miniature-sized donuts for your enjoyment. The company is claiming that it should take about 90 seconds to make a batch of 30 miniature donuts.

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A color match pen. Touch pen to object green leaf red apple draw write same color as object August 2013

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Creative Kitchen Inventions- Would be great for parties or cookouts! No chance you would lose grip of the pop bottle

Skatecycle -If Tron made skate boards. tech gadget - Daily Home Decorations