Vrikke -- broderi

The embroidery from Dala Floda in Dalecarlia is spectacular. The many colors and abundance of floral pattern are used on several of the folk costume garments from the area. Jackets, caps, braces, cuffs and lovely, lovely mittens.

A pair of old crochet mittens with fine wool embroidery. Purple and red are a favorite color combination in Nås.

A private collection of parish costumes belonging to Arts & Crafts consultant, Karin Sivertsson in Nås.

DigitaltMuseum - Hätta

Digitalt Museum - Hätta "Hätta av bomullstyg, s.k rödbottnad kattun…

The Kautokeino mittens with inspiration from the Saami culture.

Gloves Norway; a hundred years old and still with radiant colors

Beautifully embroidered gloves folk art floral gypsy style glove design to embroider or knit