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my small cross tattoo - exact same placement w. the word "Credo" (latin for I believe)

15 Most Attractive Neck Tattoos for Girls

Unalome é um simbolo budista que significa o caminho da iluminação, do caos ao nirvana, o caos é o meio do espiral e a linha reta o nirvana, quando deixamos de oscilar alcançamos a iluminação. #unalome #tattoo #drawing

Unalome tattoos are first spiritual symbols. In Buddhism, they are the visual image of reaching enlightnment. The spiral means our struggle with life, while the straight line shows that we have finally found harmony.

This is it. Cross tattoo on the back of her neck. Simple and elegant.

This is EXACTLY what I want to get this summer.such deep meaning for me. And its so delicate and elegant and ladylike. its perfect. Getting ready to book an appointment at Faith Tattoo in Golden, CO!

Black Cross Tattoo on Back of Neck.

55+ Attractive Back of Neck Tattoo Designs

PEOPLE who are a bit religious a cross tattoo is the most preferred .A tattoo can be made on any part of the body & the cross tattoo is mostly done on the thumb & the back or even on the arms .WE can even make a small cross on the neck or the wristRead

Cute small cross tattoo, beachy tattoo ,tattoo on the back of the neck.

Cute small cross tattoo, beachy tattoo ,tattoo on the back of the neck. Like the size.

Cute tiny tattoos/Tumblr: Más Más

Cute tiny tattoos/Tumblr: Más Más

location of the top one. Tribute to my Beauty and the Beast love!

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Cruz con Flores

Cruz con Flores