From the shape to the colour of this design; it is a work of art in it's own rights. Stunning staircase in Chicago's Art Institute.

Rimless pool serves as a roof for the Mirage House in Greece by Kois Architects

Mirage house by Kois Associated Architects to feature rooftop infinity pool. Rimless pool serves as roof for hillside home in Greece.

First Look At The New Messner Mountain Museum by Zaha Hadid - http://www.ifitshipitshere.com/messner-mountain-museum-by-zaha-hadid/

First Look At The New Messner Mountain Museum by Zaha Hadid - The Messner Mountain Museum or MMM is a museum project created by Italian mountaineer and extreme climber Reinhold Messner in South Tyrol in northern Italy.

MODSIM @ Middle East Technical University in Ankara, Turkey by Yazgan Design Architecture.

Built by Yazgan Design Architecture in Ankara, Turkey with date Images by Yunus Özkazanç. METU MODSIM is a building situated in a land of that is both bound to and diverts from its context.

The Vertebrae Staircase was inspired by the spine of a whale and its design goes beyond being categorized as biomorphic where form is merely geometrically copied. The project explores the shaping and forming of a single vertebrae whose form was heavily influenced by structural performance, repetition, and modular connectivity. Andrew McConnell explains, “Much of the design work went into …

Pattern Vertebrae Staircase / Andrew McConnell - Inspired by the spine of a whale (step, banister, and railing). The outer surface is composed of multiple layers of a durable composite fibre material while inside are the key structural elements.

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The staircase Jack wishes he had built.The Tulip Stairs. The Tulip Stairs, inside the Queen's House, Greenwich Park in London. Photo by Martin Turner

Eye shaped stairs at Lamberti tower, Verona-very cool! Follow us on FaceBook! www.facebook.com/...

This green "Eye" is formed by a tall spiral staircase in a brick tower, reaching toward the bell inside the Lamberti Tower, Verona Italy. (You are looking upward into the bell tower:) By Davide Lombardi

Lights... by Mustafa AbdulHadi on 500px

Incredible structure created with intricate patterns from organic and geometric shapes. There all sorts of cuts where space was left in regular shapes to give leave a design.

Spiral staircase at the Law Library in Des Moines, Iowa

Who knew: stairway to heaven located at: Iowa State Capital Law Library - Des Moines, Iowa, USA

Gorgeous red, interesting placement, and lines of the shadows. Simple but perfect

Photography Architecture - Adore the shadow that this spiral fire escape casts onto the bright red wall.

Staircase at Cancer Research Center in Canada

Spiral out.keep going Taken at BC Cancer Research Center in Vancouver Canada. The DNA staircase reminds me of Lateralus by Tool, one of the best damn songs in the universe.

Love these stairs

She's climbing a Stairway to heaven:Spiral Staircase, National Museum, Paris

Adelphi Hotel Liverpool. Metal staircase. by Michael Fahy via Flickr.com

super interesting pattern & richness of color - adelphi hotel in liverpool - metal staircase - color inspiration