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You will never convince me Sherlock isn't in love with John for exactly that reason.

And when Molly tried to imply he only cared about John's opinions/concerns he quickly let her know she always counted too. So all we've really learned from this is, when pressed, he will be considerate of peoples emotions.

Now that I think about it, Sherlock and Sheldon are a lot alike. Both insanely smart, annoying, socially inept, have a best friend who they constantly insult but couldn't live without

It's a brilliant conversation starter, I do believe I have used it before - not because Sherlock did, but because it's all I could think to say. I'm not exactly great at small talk…haha <-- pretty sure this is a sheldon cooper quote actually

I'm glad that someone made that post to clarify what is sold there because it really does make it a million times better!<<<MY-FUCKING-STRADE

Lestrade going found his division in Greggs (Greg Lestrade) I'm surprised Mycroft isn't in there eating cake cuz it's a bakery for gods sake!

That’s an order

Oh gosh I definitely don't ship johnlock but I have got to say this is too funny! << i ship it HARD like Destiel so i was happy

You can see his eyes light up with the crazy

Andrew Scott, ladies and gentlemen -- "You can physically see his eyes light up with the crazy.

Oh my gosh.

The exact moment Moriarty knew he needed to kidnap John to get to Sherlock. Wow, I wonder what would of happened if John hadn't been so nice ?

I think he's also quite jealous, cuz #johnlock

I took it totally different. John: one does not simply call my friend, a high-functioning sociopath, Sherl. Like that the last thing he should ever be called. So unfitting and ridiculous. >>> yeah me too, but i actually really like both XD

Mycroft when he found out Mary shot Sherlock

Mark gatiss is actually really funny i mean ive always loved mycrofts character but now i love mark as well xD

Mary's just like yep thought so if I die you can have him

*SPOILERS* "Can we just talk about Martin Freeman? Like, we all just accept that John is so moved. We all go "awwww." But we can only do that because Martin Freeman is sitting there like a pro, BEING John Watson, making him real.

"man i hope nobody else saw sherlock being so obvious" XD LOL

revolutionbutcivilisation: can we talk about those shifty eyes. how jim literally looks around, like "man, i hope nobody else saw sherlock being so obvious"