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#wattpad #de-todo Recopilaciones de Cómics de Diabolik Lovers. ❧Creado & Publicado; 24/12/2016 ❧Finalizado; ❧Idea Original. ❧No Acepto Copias Ni Adaptaciones ❧Diabolik Lovers ll More Blood. ❧By; _-Mxnsttxr-_

Cómics & Doujinshis »Diabolik Lovers« - Adivina Quién Soy.

diabolik lovers carla | Yui Komori diabolik lovers by Kuro Stellar #114225751 | i.ntere.st

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♦ ✡ ∂ιαвσℓιк ℓσνєяѕ ✡ ♦ Shu & Yui

Sakamaki brothers ph please i wanna get laid 👌🏻😂

Diabolik Lovers OC: Selena Dalaras (New Outfit) by SelenaUmino666

T Full name: Selena Dalaras Nickname: Alexandria (by father and Ruki) . Diabolik Lovers OC: Selena Dalaras (New Outfit)

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(Open RP I'm him. Be the male master.) You sigh in boredom. You had no chores to command me to do since I already did everything I had to. I smirk at you." You say in annoyance when you notice (Try Girl)

-- "Yes, I am aware that we fight a lot, but we crave it like the only substance keeping us alive"--

I honestly don't know who they are. The girl's attitude stance, her school uniform and her look's, look's like Misaki from Kaichou wa Maid-sama! But the guy isn't her hot Usui. I would love to find out what anime this is.