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Los Angeles, California, 1 April 1942, Clem Albers, public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

Evacuees of Japanese ancestry are leaving by special trains for assembly c .

When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace. ~ Jimi Hendrix

Largest conventional bombs of World War II World War 2 Photos > US Air Force > Bomb run bomb dropped on Hiroshima, Japan, during World War .

The Most Powerful Images Of World War I

The Most Powerful Images Of World War I

German prisoners of war at a clearing station after the successful Allied offensive near Amiens in Northern France, which began on 8 August General Ludendorff called it "The Black Day of the German Army" - World War I

Sharing a food ration with a pair of young Japanese children found hiding in an abandoned tomb.  (Okinawa, 1945)

A US Marine feeds children on the island of Okinawa. My dad was a Marine stationed in Okinawa.this reminds me of him!

c. late 1800s: Onna-bugeisha - “Female Samurai"

"Woman in sensible armor! A rare vintage photograph of an onna-bugeisha, one of the female warriors of the upper social classes in feudal Japan. Often mistakenly referred to as “female samurai”, female warriors have a long history in Japan.

Steal a Pencil for Me...on Netflix. A Holocaust Survival Film

Jack Ina Polak sparked a love affair while in the same concentration camp, exchanging love letters over the course of being held captive. They married after being liberated, and have stayed together over 60 years. the-holocaust

A "Trégua de Natal"  Ocorrido na Primeira Guerra Mundial, no Natal de 1914, milhares de soldados alemães e ingleses deixaram as trincheiras e acertaram uma trégua, onde durante seis dias, enterraram seus mortos, em uma especie de armísticio de paz. Nisso, trocaram presentes, festejaram com bebidas e comidas com a maior felicidade. Na historia, foi visto como um ato simbólico de paz e humanidade, mesmo em meio a um cenário de destruição.

WWI British and German soldiers exchange cigarettes, gifts, and addresses during Christmas Truce, 1914 This isn't world war 2 but it's a great picture regardless.

Now that's a parking solution

Vertical parking, This was an “elevator garage” in Chicago, 33 W. It held up to 48 cars. Workers simply drove into the elevator car, parked in their sky-high slots, then walked along the fire escape to their offices.

Наше поражение явно началось с русской революции - Colonel Cassad

It is hard to hate someone when you get to know them. The Great War. First World War, Russian army. The Russians teaching the German prisoners of war the cossack dance. The Eastern front, Russia,

Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman - An American woman who escaped from slavery in the South to become a leading abolitionist before the American Civil War. She led hundreds of slaves to freedom in the North along the route of the Underground Railroad.

Olive Oatman, kidnapped by the Apache Indians, sold to the Mojave Indians

Olive Oatman was the first white tattooed woman in the history of the United States. ~ Olive Oatman was 13 when she travelled from Illinois to California with her Mormon family.

Sweetest picture!! Soldier comforting a very small child.

A volunteer saves a young baby after a German bombing of London, [[MORE]] Sweetest picture! Soldier comforting a very small child. I just broke down.

T-34-85 and crew . Berlin, May 1945. Note the spring metal bed with mesh welded to the body of the tank to protect it from the Panzerfaust grenades

the Soviet tank and its crew; Berlin, May Note the spring metal bed with mesh welded to the body of the tank to protect it from the Panzerfäuste