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from the creators of badly drawn mcr. i give you badly drawn twenty one pilots xD

I honestly love these

She's the Pear in mah Cart I'm driving here I sit, cursing mah government, for letting Donald Trump become the fucking president. She's a vulture with a file, shut mah harbour But mah taste in music is a fake

Thanks Phil... Was totally considering it, but now I won't since you said so...... XD XD jk. I would never consider that. Just. XD

Thanks Phil. I was totally considering it before you told me not to.XD XD Jk Jk I would never do that XD

I just made a really weird noise while AWWWWW-ing at this and my dad just stared at me for 30 seconds

What is my life do I need help I think I do so may I get some please? PLEASE ANYONE

I think the thing is that he's already attractive but his attractiveness increases exponentially whenever he puts on a suit (and bow tie. The bow tie is imperative.

Danisnotonfire quote painting from dan and phil react to teens reacting to dan and phil <3

Danisnotonfire quote painting by PaintingsByPalitti on Etsy<<literally me. Dan and Phil are amazing😊

I don't know if i should put this in my tøp board or my mcr board....

I don't know if i should put this in my tøp board or my mcr board.