Wil Ferrell in Sydney

Wil Ferrell in Sydney

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Yup-Mark Harmon in NCIS qualifies on my Sexy TV/Movie stars list.

Mike Myers Comedian Mike Myers hails from Scarborough, Ontario.

Mike Myers-maybe he's still famous but after his disastrous 2007 flop the Love Guru you rarely hear about this guy, maybe he'll make a comeback with a new Austin Powers film.

Alan Rickman's Quotes On Life And Acting.

Alan Rickman's quotes on life and acting. RIP, one of the best actors of our time. Realising he would never be 80 years old just broke my heart a little.

Abbott and Costello... It is Amazing how smart and creative comedians were back then.  Now comedy is just throwing around the F--- word.  Re: Cathy Griffith or Griffin.  It insults the intelligence of the American people.

NOLA TV station (can not remember which one), Abbott & Costello movies ❤