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I found the wine, guys!

I found the wine, guys

Trap door in the kitchen floor- wine cellar.trap door or secret door to any room in the home for that matter is just awesome!

I mean who doesnt want a secret door for no reason at all

10 Coolest Hidden Doors and Secret Passageways - hidden doors

Secret spaces in homes are whimsical and fun. They can also become fabulous hiding places! We've found 12 amazing secret spaces in homes.

In tiny houses, everything has to have multiple functions, including the stairs! Love the stairs as storage idea.

Panic Room- This looks like something out of a spy movie.

What’s The Deal With Safe Rooms/Panic Rooms??

My dream house would also have a panic room. Hmm, not a good name for a room in the house though. Should be called the zombie apocalypse room.

7 Under Stairs Storage Ideas -Bedrooms, Living Rooms  More. This is what we need, a shelved cupboard door.

7 Under Stairs Storage Ideas -Bedrooms, Living Rooms & More

7 stunning under stairs storage ideas: home decor, shelving ideas, stairs, storage ideas, why not use your under the stair storage for storage and a hidden panic room

Swing Table...not sure how I feel about this one, especially wen trying to eat.

33 inspirational examples of furniture design

I'm afraid I must insist on a swing-set dining table for my birthday. A Swing-Set Dining Table

Space-saving stairs - instead of a spiral? Perfect for loft conversion...

Interior: Space Saving Stair Design With Unconnected Wooden Steps Of Ladder Combine With Metal Handling On White Wall Paint Color Plus Brown Wood Floor. Loft Beds For Adults, Space Saving Ideas, Loft Beds, Ladders, Twin Loft Bed

Secret door leads to a secret staircase. Cool! The secret passage between Sara's and Becky's rooms. ♠ re-pinned by www.wfpcc.com

Secret door leads to a secret staircase. The secret passage between parents & kids room orrr parents escape at night?

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A secret storage in a staircase can be a great hidden storage for bulky things that look unflattering when stored in full display. It’s the same space under stairs only hidden and accessed from the floor in the staircase. At: The Bottom Of The Stairs