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Hillary for prison 2017 -- Don't you think its time she go to prison?

“Assange exposed Hillary's massive corruption, election rigging & conspiracy with the media & DNC so Hillary wants him silenced

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Why would America want this vile woman as our first female president? Isn't there a much better choice out there just waiting to honor the USA? Do women have no shame?

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She must be paying out a lot of"blood"money to some scared, dishonest and money grubbing politicians! Let's get rid of the political corruption in our country, VOTE TRUMP!

Now this is a true man! Next time you have an incident like Benghazi who are you gonna call? DJT. Next time you need a scam artist? Who you gonna call? HRC---Jailbirds just arrived on AirForce One to Islamabad!!!!

While the other candidate left 4 Americans stranded and without assistance in Benghazi. Not hard to decide who would make a better Commander-In-Chief now is it?

VIDEO Clinton Crime Foundation | Reclaim Our Republic

VIDEO Clinton Crime Foundation

One of our greatest president's. President Truman spoke these truths. Something the Clinton's will never do.