That's how I keep secrets

Grumpy cat response too Obama remarks in speech. And grumpy cat other people make meme. Love grumpy cat for president.

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Even the cutest of us have problems :(

Grumpy Cat is actually a girl cat named Tarter Sauce and the "photoshopped" cat is real and named Venus

You're Stealing My Thunder

You're Stealing My Thunder

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Another life lesson with Grumpy Cat.

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A funny picture showing the Grumpy Cat kissing a kitty. Under this photo there is the popular grumpy frowned cat that explains the kiss was photoshopped

Grumpy Cat

I know it like that twinkle twinkle little star i want to hit you with a car through from a tree so high hope you break your neck and die


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Insanely fat, definitely hit the ugly branch on the way down from the family tree...ohhh please don't spawn..if ya do, I hear they have ugly dog contests

I wouldn't be speaking, grumpy cat 'cuz you aint so beautiful either, bro!