This sloth has an irresistible smile!

This sloth has an irresistible smile (tyler)

Albino sloth - These cute sloth pictures will make you loose your mind!!

Amazingly cute pictures of sloths will make you lose your mind

had the opportunity to visit a sloth nursery in Costa Rica. The people there cured the lost or the ill sloths found outside and save them from death. Great place and very cute animals!


Sloths images Queen Buttercup HD wallpaper and background photos .

oh my gosh. how do i go about getting me a damn sloth. not very cute with the creepy long arms but they are kind of adorable in a creepy way!

Baby Sloth Orphanage: The Cutest Place on Earth

This is a trailer for a show about the baby sloth orphanage at the Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica, to air this coming Saturday.

Adorable and Cute Sloth

8 Cute Sloths That Will Brighten Your Day

The world’s first sloth-only facility for injured, orphaned & abandoned sloths. Please visit to meet sloths and take the Buttercup Tour or “behind-the-scenes” Insider’s Tour.

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