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As far as style... The outfit/make-up should be showing you off. Not the other way around. Hate it when pretty girls wear too much make-up or over accessorize.

typography: we want the site to be simple yet eye catching. The font, color scheme and every design element will need to flow together. There is Beauty in Simplicity Art Print by BubbyAndBean

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focus on your strength - Henk-Jan Room

10x hilarische antwoorden op toetsen | J/M Ouders

10x hilarische antwoorden op toetsen | J/M Ouders

I know this is a list for children but I believe that this can apply to all of us.

A wish for all children. Actually I need this as a lesson for how to be parent!


72 Posters Of Ridiculous Design Feedback From Clients

Both sets of my grandparents lived 50+ yrs together....That "til death do we part" used to mean something!

[Image: White text on an abstract two-tone purple background that reads: “True love isn’t Romeo and Juliet who died together. It’s Grandma and Grandpa who grew old together.”] So true love is only a.