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28 Things That Everyone Does but Won't Ever Admit

This guy dont have a life nkw i gtg play soccer break time is ovar

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What is this tbh but I love it

I may be an idiot but I'm not stupid - Spencer Shay rom iCarly - Jerry Trainor

It's amusing how some girls get defensive whenever a guy tries to be nice. "Girl, if you are not going to take the money I sure as heck will."

She did nothing wrong: rape culture has taught us that our safety is at risk at every turn, so being safe always trumps being polite.


not funny at all? my best friend’s abusive brother showed up to her quinceañera despite the restraining order against him and she was terrified. this isn’t fucking funny.

Oi l swear l played against you on Wii Sports Tennis Sugar BoY Im slaying Im slaying Im slaaaaaayyyyyiinnnggg

10 Fresh Memes Today!#2 Cleaning House With Music

I need a fourth segment called 'yeah, cute, but that never actually happens in real life.