good times happen over coffee (and croissants).more like croissants for me, and coffee for you.

Coffee makes everything possible - nothing wrong that a good cup of coffee can't fix! www.WowFoodTips.com

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☕ Italian Iced coffee ☕...this shit is awesome

Relaxing with an Iced Coffee

Music Note Latte Art... dedicated to all the musicians... Have a nice day!

The beauty of music -- latte art.music, coffeeshop atmosphere, a book and a cup of your favorite!


Coffee philosophy: My first choice is TEA! I love coffee BLACK, when it is GOOD coffee. Mediocre coffee: I go by "I would like a little coffee with my cream & sugar,please." ˚Coffee by Ammar Al-Ameen @

Heart cup of coffee, I'd love a cup like that!

Amazing Red Ceramic Heart Shape Coffee & Tea Cup