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Practically Living: Advent Wreath Tradition with Reflection and Prayer Guide

Growing up the Advent wreath was always part of our pre-Christmas traditions with a prominent place in the middle of our dining room t.

Traditional scriptures of Advent. Prophecy fulfilled.

Advent Wreath - Guide to Meaning~ Awesome tradition to keep focus on the real Christmas. Sunday Dinner: November December and then the Christ candle on and/or Light each in progression until all 4 are light before Christmas day!

The Advent Wreath

Advent Wreath Symbols - the advent wreath is a wonderful and beautiful Catholic tradition to remember the true meaning of Christmas and deeper your relationship with Christ

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Celebrate a Catholic Advent! This will help you to prepare spiritually for what the season is all about! Christ is coming in history, mystery & majesty, will you be ready?

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Advent wreath: A circle of evergreen branches decorated with four candles that represent the weeks of Advent. Three candles are purple and one is pink. Each Sunday of Advent an additional candle is lit and prayers are said.

Kids' Advent Wreath- Free Printables

Kids' Advent Wreath- Free Printables (Look to Him and be Radiant)

This year at our CCD Family Advent Night, we decided that we would focus on the meaning of the Advent Wreath and have the kids make their own to take home. I will post pictures of how we make that wo

The Advent Wreath Tradition & Meaning

The Advent Wreath Tradition & Meaning

The Advent Wreath -- How to make one; Blessing for an Advent Wreath; more activities

The circular wreath with four candles reminds us of God's eternal nature and the light Christ brings into our lives.