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Helms Bakery trucks used to cruise through our neighborhoods selling sinfully good baked goods. I remember them from 1950's-'60's in the Los Angeles and Orange County, California areas.
Helms Bakery Truck - back wooden drawers were stocked with donuts, cookies and pastries --- a great day was getting a cookie!
Best Food Truck at a Wedding Ever
Helms Bakery Truck. My brother and I would run to the street, and watch the Helm's Man pull out the drawers of freshly baked donuts and cookies. My brother's favorite was the crumb donut. Mine was the jelly filled. And they had the best potato chips too.
Green juice truck! Totally thinking about doing this as a start to my business…
Gemco was first established in Anaheim, California in Oct 1959. A year later, the company was purchased by Lucky Stores, which added the supermarket element and expanded Gemco into a chain. Business was healthy for over 20 years .A series of unsuccessful hostile  takeovers  aimed at Parent Store, Lucky's, was the final decision to liquidate Gemco entirely. This liquidation occurred from Sept – Nov  1986. Target reopened in most of the former Gemco locations by .the fall of 1987
ice cream trucks
Helm's Bakery Truck
Marineland, CA
Mervyn's, my fave store...obviously I was a really cool 6th grader