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You probably sit too much. I know I do, parked on my backside for stretches for hours (something I'm trying to alleviate with interval breaks; cups of coffee can be good incentive). Standing desks are often cited as a good option, but retail options can be pricey. Here's a low risk way to see if working standing up is right for you, a DIY solution that holds back the ugly sauce enough for us to recommend it as one of the better DIY solutions out there...

The $22 DIY Standing Desk Made With IKEA Parts

Modification to the DIY Standing Desk for $22.  Here, the total is $42 which incorporated a wide Lack coffee table instead of the regular Lack side table for $7.99.  It all depends if you want a wider "desktop."  Need to construct this for my office as I'm tired of sitting ALL DAY long with BAD posture.

IKEA LACK standing desk (hack my regular cube desk); also, stand barefoot

DIY Convertible Standing Desk - Imgur Love the idea of adding 2 file cabinets for the base.

DIY Convertible Standing Desk

nifty little pseudo-standing desk would be awesome for using cook books/ipads etc in the kitchen or dining room. part IKEA, part pure DIY. (click thru for details)

20 DIY Desks That Really Work For Your Home Office

I LOVE THIS IDEA FOR A STANDING DESK!!!  IKEA Hackers: Billy Standing Desk

Materials: Ikea Materials (all wood products in black-brown): 2 – Billy bookcase x 15 x 1 – Vika Amon Table Top x 23 2 – Ekby Jarpen Shelf – 31 x 7 1 – 46 x 1 – Capita Brackets Franklin …

Hacked IKEA Expedit Standing Desk With Built-In Look

Hacked IKEA Expedit Standing Desk With Built-In Look

IKEA Hackers: DIY Standing desk built with   Vika Amon top, Utby base, Ekby Jarpen shelf, and Capita legs.

IKEA HACK -- Standing desk with Utby legs -- Materials: Vika Amon top, Utby base, Ekby Jarpen shelf, Capita legs.

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Five Best Standing Desks

Five Best Standing Desks

Options for staff to have adjustable standing desks.The Complete Guide to Choosing (or Building) the Perfect Standing Desk