Good for dance makeup

Rave makeup: Pretty blue to pink gradient eye shadow and an awesome example of randomly placing crystals to enhance the eyes!

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Glitter...I spent the next two weeks with an eye infection- thank you glitter.

Glitter is not meant to be used around the eyes. It is often made with glass and foil. They are making facial glitters these days. Still not meant to be used in the eye area or above.

Wild Cat on Instagram: “I wish I could wear this @regalrose choker everyday of my life All product details for this look will be in my next post #regalrose”

Regal Rose Jewellery Ltd chokeer. All product details for this look will be in my next post

Create your own reality, be whatever and whoever you want. Be comfortable in your own skin, whether it's covered in fish scales or alien goo. Love those who love you back and forget about the ones who don't serve you. Start a new year with the freedom of not giving a F*#^ about other peoples judgements #mermaidpower ✌️ ...Here is another look that started out as wearable and ended up fantasy! I used the blues, pink and purples from the @sugarpill pro palette as the basis of my look, topped…

"Alien mermaid Pennold used a tonnnn of Sugarpill to create this beautiful bewitching look!

this is beautiful in more than one way!!

Celebrate LGBT and Gay Pride with these beauty ideas, including multicolored eyeshadow and lips, and rainbow nails.