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Designers criam projeto de bicicleta que purifica o ar em processo semelhante à fotossíntese.

Designers criam projeto de bicicleta que purifica o ar em processo semelhante à fotossíntese

- a new bike concept recently unveiled by Bangkok-based Lightfog Creative & Design Company could actually purify polluted air as you pedal around the city.

bike tire bike


Designer Concept Bicycles - Bicycle: A vehicle consisting of two wheels and a seat powered by a human. Not if you are a designer! Changing the way we look at things is.


Some new concept bikes from Scott Robertson, born 1966 in Minnesota the concept artist, known for his transportation design work. View his latest designs here.

Futuristic bike reminds me of an old comic strip: Heckle and Jeckle, the talking magpies.

Frog-Inspired Bike Design - Alex Suvajec’s concept bike design takes its inspiration from nature. It’s a fascinating adaptation of a frog’s motion and structure.

Arvak Bicycle

Wooden Arvak Bicycle

This bicycle named Arvak is a creation of French design studio Keim. With the collaboration of the workshop Breitfuss Arvak is a bike that has a hollow monocoque frame made of 24 layers of laminated ash wood and a bio-sourced resin.

My next bike!

Local (Fuseproject + SyCip Design, a shortened wheelbase has eliminated the steering issues common to a heavily-laden front end, which can be disconcerting to novice riders.

O designer italiano Gianluca Sada, aliando inovação e funcionalidade criou a Sada Bike, uma bicicleta dobrável e  prática, que fica do tamanho de um guarda-chuva e pode ser guardada na própria moch…

Designer cria bicicleta dobrável que fica do tamanho de um guarda-chuva

Eye catching bike that also make sense. it takes up very little space when it is…

variable frame bike

Can anyone see how the rear wheel is connected to the cranks? Or the front wheel to the cranks? Can you imagine how heavy this junker would be?

Chegando em setembro às lojas dos EUA por US$ 499 uma máquina que limpa, higieniza e desamassa peças de roupa por um processo inovador que dispensa o uso de água. Pequena e de instalação simples, a Swash ainda restaura as fibras dos tecidos, conservando as roupas por mais tempo. No TechTudo, por Marvin Costa.

Máquina limpa roupas sem água em apenas 10 minutos; peças saem passadas

The future of clothing care technology is here. Tech company, Swash, enables people to deodorize, dewrinkle and retighten clothes in ten minutes.