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: Stonework Tutorial - the best stonework technique I think I've ever seen. Wow!

Stonework Tutorial for dollhouses. Make patios, walls, fireplaces, etc. out of cardboard egg cartons or fast-food cup trays. Time consuming, but easy and effective.

The WaterMill W.I.P.

The Internet's largest gallery of painted miniatures, with a large repository of how-to articles on miniature painting

easier than wood to cut Техника изготовления кирпичной кладки из бумажной коробки

Paper carton/egg trays~~easier than wood to cut to create faux bricks from…

How to make a miniature rock stamp. This is great for making items out of foam board. CobblestonePainted

Make a Miniature Cobblestone Stamp

How to Make a Miniature Cobblestone Stamp. When creating buildings for a miniature city (e. Mordheim) an important aspect is detail. These directions will show you how to create a detailed cobblestone stamp that you can use to create.

Настенные часы в кукольный дом


Miniature clock from a button and printable. Links to PC furniture that can't be pinned.