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Dry Brushing is an ancient tradition that has been gaining popularity. The benefits are amazing. Dry Brushing helps reduce cellulite, reduce stress etc...

7 Benefits of Dry Brushing & Why You Should Start Today

Benefits of Dry Brushing - Oddly enough I was just shopping online this week for a proper brush.

Skin Brushing: Stimulate Lymph Drainage, Detoxify, Ditch Cellulite! I ❤️LOVE❤️ dry brushing. (Was part of my course in college) Feels so amazing. ~Leah

Skin Brushing

Skin Brushing: Stimulate Lymph Drainage, Detoxify, Ditch Cellulite, Reduce Ingrown Hair Follicles, Exfoliates and removes dead skin cells

Benefits of Castor Oil :Castor oil is miracle oil which was used by our grandparents to get their entire problem solved from health to inducing labour.

50 Surprising Uses & Benefits of Castor Oil for Skin, Hair and Health

Benefits of Castor Oil :Castor oil is miracle oil which was used by our grandparents to get their entire problem solved from health to inducing labour. Reduced Body Hair in of Study Participants After About 2 months!

Discover 8 surprisingly simple daily habits to boost your metabolism and get your body in shape!

There is a lot of misinformation when it comes to meal frequency. Our infographic below has some meal examples and frequency of eating times. These are suggestions and not written in stone. Let your body be your best guide and base your eating habits arou

Here's how to dry brush if you've never done it before, plus all the essentials you'll need to start.

How to Dry Brush—and Why It's So Potent

Stacked amongst the clear glass jars of homeopathic remedies, immune-supporting supplements, rose creams, and carrot cleansers on the sparkling shelves of The Organic Pharmacy on Bleecker Street in…

A função das vitaminas e minerais.

Foods You Can Eat For Better Health. Proper nutrition has a phenomenal effect on how you feel and look. A good nutrition plan is more than weight loss, as it involves the actual nutrients your

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AMAZING: Did You Know That You Can CLEANSE Your Body From All Harmful TOXINS Through Your Feet?!

Detoxification of the body through the feet is an excellent way to eliminate toxins without the need to change your daily nutrition. Furthermore, feet detox is one of the safer methods of body deto…


Foot Detox - Flush Toxins From Your Body Through Your Feet! Epsom salt, bentonite clay, ACV, and hot hot water!

Every tried coconut oil pulling or know how to do a good oil pull to get the maximum benefits? Then check this out http://coconutcountryliving.com/coconut-oil-pulling-outstanding-benefits-amazing-history Doing a coconut oil pull is one of the BEST ways not only for detox but also to keep your teeth and gums nice and strong. And the truth is there are harmful microbes lurking just below the surface of the gums that are sometimes the product dental procedures that are just plain dangerous.

Have you noticed how more people trying to steer clear of medications created in lab! now back to holistic methods, how they want to do coconut oil pulling?