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Big Rattlesnake... Texas sized.I have lived in AZ for many years and have never seen one this size. Fortunately for me!

Pat Long and his son in a blind to hunt hogs near Midway when this guy poked his head in! Pat's son shot the snake. it's long. with 22 rattles, the head more than five inches wide, the fangs long.

Funny pictures about The Freedom Blanket. Oh, and cool pics about The Freedom Blanket. Also, The Freedom Blanket photos.

This will more than likely be our kids....

Deer hunting humor - oh deer

Parenting Done Right! That little boy is going to make a great deer hunter one day.

Your boyfriend doesn't hunt then you got yourself a girlfriend.

So if I have a boyfriend who doesn't kill for fun I have a girlfriend? Hunting "memes" are so fucking stupid

That moment when you're sitting in your deer stand and you hear a twig break.

That moment when you're sitting in your deer stand and you hear a twig break. I want me son to experience that excitement

What squirrel weighs three pounds!???! I mean yeah these things are annoying but damn y'all got some fat squirrels!

SO TRUE! And annoying so I was out deer hunting a while back and im sitting there its real quiet then.BAM a stupid squirrel fell out of a tree and landed on top of my hunting box.

I hate when that happens. I get all excited for nothing!

Them damn squirrels always get my heart racin' and get me excited til I figure out it ain't a deer it's just them little idiots