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I rather be hunting with daddy than playing with dolls.  #cutekids #hunting #dirtbettylife #attitude #outdoors

Hunting babies, yup parenting done right. That's what I'm gonna be doing with my kids

Lol omg. Tooooo funny. If he doesn't hunt, doesn't lift, and doesn't drive a truck....he's not a man.

Wow, promoting hunting and sexism at the same time. How sweet. gag me.

Straight outta Arkansas.

:O HUNTERS you're doing IT wrong? Just wait by deer crossings instead of spending time hunting them down :P ;

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There are cute animals, then there are cute baby animals. This series of 40 baby animal photos will literally melt your heart. There is so much cuteness in

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Born, bred and fed. Perk of being raised by a navy seal sniper. I can gut and clean anything without even telling that's where they last stood.

it's still sore... may have to go back for more therapy...

I need some hunting RR! My meditation is best performed in a treestand or on a stump in the woods!

What squirrel weighs three pounds!???! I mean yeah these things are annoying but damn y'all got some fat squirrels!

SO TRUE! And annoying so I was out deer hunting a while back and im sitting there its real quiet then.BAM a stupid squirrel fell out of a tree and landed on top of my hunting box.