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Be glad your momma didn't name you any of these: Funny Names of Real People. Funniest names from white to ghetto, Hilarious, awkward

Bahahahaja!!! I have about twelve people who need this!

The perfect birthday gift for my husband.saw this on a bumper sticker


Funny pictures about Three kinds of people. Oh, and cool pics about Three kinds of people. Also, Three kinds of people.

Why can't I have this already?

A wine glass for those who love wine. Closest thing to a never ending glass of wine I've ever seen. I want.

parents might not think this is funny, but I find it hilarious..lol

It’s Nap Time… I laughed wayyy too hard.I'm gonna be a terrible parent!

21 People Having A Worse Day Than You--It's all true. Except the pepper flakes on the pizza, because that could be worse. It could be salt. Salt is much harder to shake or rub off.

21 People Having A Worse Day Than You

How to fail a test…like a boss

How to fail a test…

How to fail a test. This is truly hilarious. I can't wait to be a teacher and see what hilarious things kids come up with.

I laughed so hard at this

When a man is in charge…

When a man is in charge… hahah butter sponges lol. I laugh harder every time I look at this!