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Rubeus Hagrid

Professor Rubeus Hagrid (b. 6 December was a half-giant wizard, son of Mr Hagrid and the.

With just a few easy ingredients, this recipe for Hagrid's rock cakes are perfect to whip together quickly for a Harry Potter party. http://inliterature.net/food-in-literature/2017/06/hagrids-rock-cakes-harry-potter.html

Hagrid's Rock Cakes | Harry Potter

“The rock cakes were shapeless lumps with raisins that almost broke their teeth…” -Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, J. Rowling Make this delicious version of Hagrid's rock cakes for a Harry Potter tea party.

Mrs. Weasley's Rock Cakes- Harry Potter recipe

The Barest Hint of Sweetness: Mrs. Weasley's Rock Cakes - These delicious delights are much like a scone, but don't require rolling out. They are fast, and easy to make, and so moist.

Eat Like Harry Potter with his favourite recipes: Mrs Weasley's Rock Cakes - Rock Cake Recipe

Eat Like Harry Potter With 30 of His Favorite Recipes

The English Kitchen: Rock Cakes

The English Kitchen: Rock Cakes. Lovely memories of cooking these with my nan.



Hagrid's Rock Cakes | Harry Potter | In Literature

Hagrid's Rock Cakes | Harry Potter

Hagrid's Rock Cakes | Harry Potter | In Literature

<div><p><i>Bangers and mash with Harry, Ron, and Hermione in the Hogwarts dining hall.</i></p><p>A proper cuppa tea and rock cakes in Hagrid's hut.</p><p>Cauldron cakes and pumpkin juice on the Hogwarts Express.</p><p>With this cookbook, dining a la Ho...

The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook: From Cauldron Cakes to Knickerbocker Glory--More Than 150 Magical Recipes for Muggles and Wizards by Dinah Bucholz.it's a fun book.

Harry Potter Appetizers and snacks -- -for the win!  just Sweet and Simple: Harry Potter Party

Recipe Link: Butter Beer Elixir of Life Chocolate Frogs Bertie Botts Every Flavored Beans Moon Stone Cookies Olivander's Original Wands Pumpkin Pasties Rock Cakes Golden Snitch Truffles Trea

Harry Potter Recipes | Hagrid's Rock Cakes. Delicious and not rock-hard like Hagrid's.

Trying some Harry Potter Recipes – Hagrid's Rock Cakes

I'm picking up another recipe from The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook: Hagrid's Rock Cakes

Hagrid's Rock Cakes | Harry Potter

Hagrid's Rock Cakes | Harry Potter

Sugar Bean Bakers: {Molly Weasley's Rock Cakes: Guest Post at Bakingdom}

Fun, easy, and tasty Harry Potter Rock Cakes from my friend Doshi Doshi Doshi : Sugar Bean Bakers

This Butterbeer Hot Chocolate is actually magical.

23 Harry Potter-Inspired Treats to Get You Pumped for the Yule Ball