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UK based graphic design student Simi Zeko created a series of animated posters that showcase a great use of typography and motion graphics combined.

A university project involving the creation of a typographic film to be shown between events at The World Between (museum of the circus).I chose to create a series of animated posters as an introduction to the museum.

Awesome collection of hand lettering // I'm having a hard time with putting this in any particular folder. So I put it in my broader one, typography.

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A Liquid Typeface Melts Before Your Eyes, Thanks To Animated GIFs

El 90% del diseño es tipografía #infografia #infographic #design

No matter how balanced and beautiful a layout is and how perfect the color choices turn out, a design can still be completely defiled with inferior typography. Useful tips for laying out good typography from the lead designer at Design Aglow.