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Riskrem med rød saus
Try the Norwegian Riskrem for dessert...okay this was divine. Its rice porridge with raspberry or strawberry sauce and a special custardy cream added to it....heavenly. It was given to me at a Norweigian restaurant for free because the cook wanted me to try it. MFN Awesome dessert and silky on the tongue..don't let the name put you off though hahaha!!!
Tilslørte julekaker
Norwegian waffles have cardamom in them and are served with jam, sour cream and brown cheese. Not sure about the brown cheese but this looks yummy!
Danish Strawberry Jam
Happy Birthday Norway!  17. mai menu   FORRETT: Nydelig asparges med frisk salat og skinke.
Lefse - via DofN
Delfiakake ~ learned to make in Norway and now make once in a while at Christmastime.  Delfiafett  and Per biscuits can be found in Norwegian or Scandinavian stores in the USA.
Italiensk jordbærdessert med citron og basilikum
Norwegian Waffles (Vafler) | Somethin' Yummy.  Breakfast for me, dessert in Norway!

Norwegian Waffles (Vafler)