By Zeng Hao.

Amazing Oriental Oil Paintings of Chinese Goddesses and Angels by Zeng Hao

Kali a deusa do tempo, mudança e destruição. Ela é a Conquistadora do Todo, a Auspiciosa, a Removedora das Trevas, O Ser além do tempo, a portadora do crânios dos impuros, a apaziguadora de dificuldades, doadora do Amor, perdão, e sustentadora do universo.

Check out the Artwork from China based Concep Artist: Fenghua Zhong Website

Hades and Persephone.  I've loved this one for a long time.

Which Mythical Creature is Hidden Inside You?

finalxizumi: “ “ Hades and Persephone In Greek mythology Persephone is the only child of Demeter, Goddess of nature and earth. Hades is the god of the underworld and the dead. While Demeter was.

The new World Trade Center looks awesome!

Meet the art of CG Legend Artist, Sparth ( Nicolas Bouvier ) who's recently worked as art director for Halo 5

Imagem de fantasy

Jason Chan art - White Heart of Justice (Noon Onyx, by Jill Archer. / a Sorrelan fire mage ready for battle


Artworks by Alexandra Levasseur - - Alexandra Levasseur – artist living and working in Montreal, Qc, Canada.