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The Harding fiddle is common in Telemark, Numedal, Valdres, Setesdal, Hardanger and along the West of Norway to Sunnmøre Photo by Laila Durán. And we call it the Hardanger Fiddle. My father's fiddle was made in

The Sami People by Erika Larsen

The Sami People by Erika Larsen

Photograph by Erika Larsen Sara Gaup, is dressed for her confirmation. The garb that she and her father, Nils Peder Gaup, wear identifies their hometown as Kautokeino, Norway. The upturned tips of their reindeer-hide boots were designed to hook into skis.

Largest stave church in Norway by Hilde S. Jonsmyr

Frost & Fire - This is the largest Stave Church in Norway, and about 800 years old . by Hilde S. Jonsmyr on

Bunad traditional dress of Norway.  (I could see my daughter in something like this. My kids paternal Grandfather is Norwegian.)

This is a Bunad traditional dress of Norway. The head piece is called a skaut, and is worn by married women. Other headpieces are worn by young girls, like beaded caps. Unmarried women wear headband like wraps for their head pieces.

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Two cute Sami girls in their traditional costumes. Kautokeino is in the northern part of Norway called Finnmark. Just look at those warm-looking shoes, made of reindeer skin.

Traditional Norwegian wedding and marriage clothing

Bridal costumes (bunad) from Sogn & Fjordane (from Luster Municipality to the left)