18 Cute And Unexpected Ear Piercings - BuzzFeed Mobile I wish they would just say where to find these earrings!!

18 Cute And Unexpected Ear Piercings

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triple forward helix I just love how this looks! I've always been fascinated with ear piercings! Considering in trying to get the triple forward helix next!

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This is a triple helix a did a while back with tiny little yellow gold balls and a matching bezel CZ center by bvla. I love doing clusters of super small jewelry like this!

Dia desses, em uma das muitas horas que passo diariamente pesquisando imagens, vi um desses cliques acima, uma orelhinha lotada de brincos pequenos. Alguns pageviews depois, mais uma, e outra…até que acendeu a luzinha da tendência – adoro! – e o tal do “Ear Bling” entrou na lista de posts a fazer! kkkk A cada …

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have all of these piercings minus the Triple forward Helix. went to get it done tonight but piercer said i didn't have enough room/ear is too small.

Sorry for the GV and Iodine that got left behind, but this is a little too cool to not post. Three forward helix piercings by Victor VanOrden at Olde Line Tattoo in Hagerstown, MD. Jewelry by NeoMetal Opal, and Opals) my next piercing