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Heel belangrijk! Soms gewoon even voor jezelf kiezen...

Ephemera I Can Only Please One Person Per Day I Choose Me Distressed Retro Vintage Tin Sign: Home

You'll like it. Vintage meme vintage humor ecards funny 1950's house wife cool food

Magnets from Anne Taintor: you'll eat it. you'll eat it and like it. To my picky eater

Common Sense is so rare these days, it should be Classified as a Super Power.

I have this super power. I knew I was a super hero. " Common sense is so rare these days it should be classified as a super power.

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Haven’t had my coffee yet, don’t make me kill you. // People should not annoy me before I have my coffee. You'll just a sarcastic response that is intended to make you shut up and go away.

Funny Friendship Ecard: Well be best friends forever because you already know too much. humor

Funny Friendship Ecard: We'll be best friends forever because you already know too much. So true for my Bestie Kim and I!

Retro Food Humour Tin Sign: In a typical case of can't cook, won't cook, this housewife tells us "If It Fits In A Toaster, I Can Cook It". Perfect for a sibling or partner who is a little kitchen challenged, this is sure to make a cheery addition to any home. The retro image used in this sign is nostalgic in style with its use of a 1950`s styled female model, with her hair tied back in a neat bun as she holds her toaster and lets us know just how hopeless she is in the kitchen. Laughter…

If it fits in a toaster I can cook it vintage humor fridge magnet in Collectibles, Kitchen & Home, Magnets

this is not always a good thing, as i've learned over the years - but i just can't stop.

I stay fat because it would not be fair to all the thing people if I were this good looking, intelligant, funny AND thing. It's a public service really. SO true!

Funny wine saying! Hmmm have not witnessed this yet...

Wine For Classy People Vintage Sign Reproduction - It may be one of the ways classy people get wasted but Scotch comes to mind as well. Sign reads Wine how classy people get wasted. Wine For Classy Pe

Why? Because fuck you that's why.

Funny pictures about When women ask you for your opinion. Oh, and cool pics about When women ask you for your opinion. Also, When women ask you for your opinion.

Don't let this happen to you. Call #Cortineo. We're local, and we can come out to your office location if we can't fix a #technology problem remotely (and we won't transfer your call, we promise). www.Cortineo.com

My experience with "customer service" every time.There should be a law requiring insurance companies to answer the phone this way.

With xtra shot of vodka

I'll have a cafe-mocha-vodka-valium-latte to go, please! Somedays this sounds like the perfect drink! Roy - new drink?

HA! Triple check ✔✔✔

She'd be "the Mom! and not only smarter than Dad . smarter than any of Dad's friends too!

Don't sweat the small stuff.

The older I get, the more everyone can kiss my ass. Appropriate on my birthday!

My bad self!

This is my dad's quote! Said it all my life. "Get down with your bad self." And then does the dance with the pointer fingers up.