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Know about the physical symptoms of your wife’s menopause - Also on how to deal with female menopause, so that you and your wife come out stronger and more in love.

4 tipos de calor na menopausa: Qual é o seu? Ondas de calor e suor noturno A maioria das mulheres vai experimentar ondas de calor ou suor noturnos em algum momento na transição para a menopausa. Mas quando os sintomas ocorrem e quanto tempo eles duram pode variar drasticamente de uma mulher para outra.

A Journey Back to Self as Life : Day I use my hot flash to support myself

This made me laugh... Especially the bear trap in case he gets past the electric fence!!

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..........yeah.....I did kinda notice that.

I've already thoutght about making a voodoo doll pincushion but there is no one that I would pin. I'll think a little more, there must be someone lol


"Remember the twenty extra years you added to your life throught clean, healthy living?

Hot Flashes from Prednisone

I have a miniature fan on my side of the bed. Blood sugar imbalance & menopause cause me to heat up.

What it is to age. Don't forget your teeth! #DeltaDental

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