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That's one way to put it...

I am an uncoordinated house cat now. Uncoordinated house cats are cool.

Willy Wonka / Doctor Who theory. Unfounded, of course, but very imaginative and smart! It's been years since I read 'The Great Glass Elevator,' but it is very Doctor Who, isn't it?

This Guy Just Changed The Way We See Willy Wonka And Doctor Who. Mind Blown.

Willy Wonka / Doctor Who theory. So can we have a Willy Wonka/Magic School Bus Xover where this final Doctor meets River/Frizzle?

This episode intrigued me, and then made me sad when he reminded us that Donna forgot him.

This episode was too much. Two of my favorites in one: David Tennant (the one and only Doctor) and David Morrissey (the Governor from The Walking Dead)

Doctor Who ten David Tennant you're mad confused with fashion sense

The doctor confuses declarations of insanity with insults to his fashion sense.The trauma of having worn a vegetable as an accessory. lol Doctor Who

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The Doctor: Ever microwaved a lasagna without pricking the film on top? Clara: It explodes. The Doctor: Don't be lasagna.

Amy's imaginary friend! I loved how everyone was like "oh you're him!!" in the Prisoner Zero episode.

This is what is going to happen when I show up to my friends weddings. -Mad Man in a Box. I will miss Amy's imaginary Raggedy Man

Basically their relationship

Ten: Angstily sasses Donna: Sasses sassily There, I summarized their entire relationship for you. Donna's my favorite

REALLY THOUGH. I guess it's because that's something that could realistically occur here? Creepy Doctor Who villains...

The scariest things on the show…

Why is it that some of The Doctor's scariest enemies are clockwork! :)- because people are always afraid of the clock running out and their time being over.even the Doctor.<<<<< that's awesome and sad and scary.

Love this episode.

His face is great. And is it just me or does it say "Snapes Hair" on the sign in the background?

Grumpy Cat - The Daleks from Doctor Who @Pam Perrimon (I hope it'll make you feel better)

Doctor Who Today on

Grumpy Cat + Doctor Who = A Dalek/Cyberman/Weeping Angel. Plot Twist: Grumpy Cat is the new Davros.

Eccleston / Nine, Tennant / Ten, Smith / Eleven, Capaldi / Twelve ||| Doctor Who

A thousand times yes Am I the only one who doesn't like Peter? Matt and David were so cheerful and funny and sweet, and then you have Peter, who's like "I HATE THE WORLD."<---yes but he's better than no more doctors and can be hilarious