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Officially called the 'Volkswagen Type the roomy VW bus/van can make you feel like going on a long road trip, camping and beach bumming the entire way. Although it's a famous icon for hippies and surfers, it's really a nostalgic vehicle for everyone.

1960s advert for Volkswagen’s station wagon

My family had this exact one; we loved it but my, was it underpowered! from OP: 1963 Volkswagen 21 Window Bus Station Wagon original vintage ad. "Box yourself in.

Wolswagen style

Volkswagen Beetle model year from 1949 to "The Volkswagen Theory of Evolution.

We learned from the big boys.

We learned something from the big boys - VW Bus / Van : Classic poster is adorable.

Volkswagen Type 2.  My Father had three of these. Yes he was a well known mechanic with many vehicles around , but boy did he love VW Type 2's.   And So do I.

Volkswagen Type 2 Split Screen Van / Bus (rear) - Vintage Style Poster

Volkswagen Type 2 Split Screen Van / Bus (rear) - Vintage Style Poster Produced to look like an old poster. Part of a series of Vintage Porsche &


My VW Camper Van: One for the Wall - 50 years of VW Transporters

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Old VW Bus Advertising - This was our family car from 1963 to 1967 - we lived in Germany and toured Europe for weeks at a time. Our family of five!