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Once You Learn These 8 Hard Truths About Life, You'll Become Much Stronger
When we really think about it, we all know that we'd rather connect with the people around us than the screen in our back pocket... But that pull is real! Read here for 5 strong reasons to forget your phone more often.
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"If you're not living to make someone else's life better -- then you are wasting your time."
Looking for the best quotes about life & happiness? Read our best quotes, we rank as #1....
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So true! As hard as it is to watch someone you love continue to destroy themselves, you have to realize they are the only ones that can save themselves! Sucks!
Comfortable Silence - https://themindsjournal.com/comfortable-silence/
Looking on the bright side can go a long way. Learn how a positive attitude can transform your life for the better