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panteha:  The cover of my favorite issue of PRINT magazine41st issue, second edition, 1987

panteha: “ The cover of my favorite issue of PRINT magazine issue, second edition, 1987 ”

Niklaus Troxler, 2012 - Pierre Favre Solo Percussion

Jazz in Willisau. By Mr Richard Troxler.He is The best in designe of Jazz Posters.


1984 - George Orwell - The most disturbing book I have read lately. With Big Brother always watching, Orwell paints a society that I hope I never have to experience.

Typography / Greeting Cards | Vitae Design

Vitae is the studio of Cameron Mckague, a graphic designer based in Toronto. Mckague works on a wide range of branding, print and music artwork. The Vitae portfolio showcases a…


Par Hasard

Studio Identity by Par Hasard “Par hasard (french) could be translated to: coincidentally or by any chance. Based on that, we decided to play with a grid of random dice numbers.” Olivier Charland and Cécile Gariépy make images that both move, and.