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GINGER IS AWESOME. I love gingers. If you're a ginger, we can almost positively be friends. And you were nice. And not a creepy stalker that saw me write this then dyed your hair red. But yeah.

Ha Ha Ha....that is funny! I wouldn't have used that noun but funny non the less.

it doesn' t matter how old amerifa toddler hands you a toy phone, you brotips. com Brotip 1735 it doesn' t matter how old amerifa toddler hands you a toy phone brotips com

Teenage post #5337

"Ever want to say IDK without sound stupid? Say this: I hesitate to articulate in fear I may deviate upon the highest degree of accuracy.

is it weird that I think brotips are so damn funny?

Brotip - 'When someone asks "How'd you do that?" you can score extra points by responding, "like a boss".

Bwahahahahaha! Can't wait...or, YES, I CAN!!!   You missed curfew... ha ha ha ha!!!

I am this parent-I will remember this when my boys become teenagers!

Twilight sucks.  What else can be said?

Just Vampire Critique!!

Lestat de Lioncout and Louis de Pointe du Lac, (portrayed by Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt in Interview with the Vampire). In this scene, Lestat and Louis are looking at Edward Cullen being a dumbass.

Any time you're playing a song for a chick, proofread the lyrics. People take that shit literally


-If your boyfriend/girlfriend is mad at you, put a cape on them, and say "Now you're super mad!" If they laugh, marry them.

Love New Girl! "this girl must be wearing tennis shoes with shoe laces in them tied together because she's straight trippin'!

I hate opening these lol

funny adult version of jack in the box crescent rolls My husband laughs at me every time I ask him to open the can!


It's either cold enough for Uggs or warm enough for shorts. And even then, uggs are boots, wear them to keep your feet warm, not as a fashion statement!