Me going to see Age of Ultron

Can't believe this is real

Me during the next Marvel films. (Seriously, I am dying to see Ragnarok now.

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Why would you do this to me?!?!

And Wanda cries, twelve minutes after the sound of bullets rang out, because now she is older than him. Pietro Maximoff had to live without Wanda for twelve minutes, but Wanda would have to live much longer without her brother

Yes. I just want Falcon to simply be present during the whole story of Pride and Prejudice commenting on everyone's behavior.

I had no idea I wanted this till now! xD I can imagine Wickham giving his sob story and Sam is just like: "Dude, seriously?

Captain's 97 Birthday by SilasSamle on DeviantArt (yes ik this is in my Bucky board.) <<<<<< Bucky would probably leave happy birthday card.

Domestic Avengers -  Den mother Steve by on @deviantART

I love how Steve just casually hands Thor his hammer<<<eheheh, yis! And Loki, stay out of Steve's dresser

Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful --> this needs to happen. Black Widow's awesome!

They forgot Sebastian Stan! "Hey mate you want to be in this? Buckynat could be the end credits scene-" "YES YES YES YES DO NOT START WITHOUT ME!" *smears on black camouflage warpaint* << can't forget Sebastian!

That way Tony can get closure on his parents death, he can apologize for the events of civil war and when Bucky tries to apologize for killing his parents, Tony just stops him and tells him he's forgiven. And in doing so Bucky may start to feel that all the deaths on his hand, weren't his fault and Tony will be there to confirm that it wasn't.

I'd like Tony to understand, hard as it will be for him, that HYDRA is the enemy, not Bucky. Bucky was just a tool.