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Remember This?

Mega Bruiser Jawbreakers: 6 LBS Jumbo-sized (approximately 1 pound each!) white jawbreakers with colorful psychedelic speckles and fruit flavor. A fun novelty candy for parties and goody bags.

Little People Fisher Price - my sister had these; I played with them all the time :)

Vintage Fisher-Price Little People, of course. There's something about these iconic little figures that puts a smile on my face every time I see them. Fisher-Price manufactured Little People in this form from the through the Loved!

McDonald's Happy Meal cookies. It's a shame they don't include these anymore.

McDonaldland Happy Meal Cookies - I seriously crave these and their chocolate chip cookies sometimes and am very sad that I can no longer get them.

abc after these messages we'll be right back | ... after these messages/we’ll be right back” popped into my head

imremembering: Saturday Morning Cartoon...

Rocky, Bullwinkle, Boris and Natasha Saturday Morning Cartoon Bumpers.after these messages, we'll be riiiiiight back!

If my toddler/young child wants to watch a show, it's gotta be Reading Rainbow (or retro Sesame Street DVDs...)

I loved Reading Rainbow with LeVar Burton. I remember that song so well.

Sky Dancer. I'm pretty sure me and my sister found this a while ago and it still worked. Gel pins, stick on earrings, pound puppies, easy bake oven, gigapets...ahh the 90s. Now kids play with digital cameras and probably ipads, sucks for them.

More Eye Poppin’, Spleen Splitting Toys of Doom

Sky Dancers® Flying Dolls CPSC, Galoob Toys Inc. Announce Recall of Sky Dancers® Flying Dolls

Remember these?

Who didn't love using these stamp pens all over EVERYTHING! I had every kind of stamp marker they made!

Double Dare and Family Double Dare on Nickelodeon

10 things from the ‘80s that should make a comeback

Double Dare game show on Nickelodeon (host Marc Summers) I always wanted to be on that show!


'Jem' Rocks Her Way to DVD

I remember having a Jem doll! Jem & The Holograms.one of my favorite shows (cartoons) in the

These 16 Disney toys from the '90s will make you nostalgic for your childhood!

Warning: These 16 Disney Toys from the '90s Are Guaranteed to Bring Back Floods of Nostalgia

Golden Sound Story presents Disney's The Little Mermaid is a fun book, that is just made for beginner readers, who are fans of mermaids, Disney and interactive books and is part of the Golden Sings 'N' Sound series of books.

Oh yes...

The original text message: intricately-folded, hand-written notes. I feel sorry for kids growing up with texting that they may never experience the delicate art of "passing notes" without getting caught.