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Peace & Love - Taking to the great outdoors, Asa Tallgard captures Aleksandra Nilsen for the latest issue of Elle Norway. Swathed in bohemian looks styled

Saiga Antelope critically endangered, because of the use of its horns in Chinese "medicine".

The saiga antelope is a critically endangered antelope that originally inhabited a vast area of the Eurasian steppe zone. The saiga is recognizable by an extremely unusual, over-sized, flexible nose structure, the proboscis.




Who remembers this cartoon - Kimba the white lion? He's the friendliest lion around. Oh Kimba the white lion.

We take care of you.

(by Ernest Reshovsky) From a vintage readers digest Little Tyke is the name of this liones, born in the zoo at Tacoma, Washington. Nursed for a broken leg, she became a rancher’s house pet, enjoying.


Black panther carrying her cub great shot here to see the pattern on the mother's coat. Panthers aren't a breed they are a coat color that occurs among Leopards and Jaguars. They are black with black spots. This looks to be a Jaguar.

I love the strong emotions in this picture. Typically the lioness is the one in charge, the one who hunts and takes care of the babies but here she surrenders, gives up her power momentarily to engage to the lion's sweet play.

We underestimate the intelligence (and ability to feel emotions) of animals...Watch these elephants mourn over a fallen friend.  Touching.

We underestimate the intelligence (and ability to feel emotions) of animals.Watch these elephants mourn over a fallen friend. Incredible look at how intelligent, understanding and emotional elephants are