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Created by Light Light (a Dutch lighting firm run by designer Angela Jansen and electrical engineer Ger Jansen), the Silhouette Floating Lamp uses electromagnets that enable its top half to levitate a few inches over its bottom half.

World's biggest Tetris game (this year's MIT graduates' prank)-- I would LOVE to play on a "screen" this big. ;)

A larger than life game of Tetris appeared on the Green Building at MIT in MIT engineers used a console to allow players to move, rotate, and drop colored blocks. Tetris on the Green is the Holy Grail of MIT hacks.

Color slowly seeps in as the days pass.

So neat: Ink Calendar designed Oscar Diaz .The ink will slowly color each day of the month as time passes by. This is awesome!

Mason jar travel mug with leather cozy handle #product_design

Mason jar travel mug with leather cozy handle. I am totally going to make something like this.

At night, The City Lights 10" Globe automatically illuminates the cities of our world as seen from orbit, capturing their ethereal beauty. The City Lights 10" Globe automatically rotates and illuminates the cities of our world using a special patented induction system. Simply place your City Light globe on its elegant base and it will begin to magically revolve, displaying Earth's unique light show.

Illuminated City Lights Globe

"This rotating globe illuminates to show how the world's cities look at night from space. True to the view from orbit, the globe glistens with a soft white glow in major metropolitan areas.

Room number design (uplit, for house numbers)

Love ideas like this, simple but so different, I'm guessing it's inspired by a sundial or just by light and shadow in general. Like the use of shadow as the design element!

It's a toaster that toasts your handwritten message from the board on the top of the toaster into the bread.  Whaaaaaaat...

Honey I Left It On The Toast Next time, leave your messages on the toast! This toaster by Sasha Tseng incorporates a little message board where one can read quick notes. The message also gets “toasted”.

Anyone know where I can get this? Falling books bookend.

Falling Bookends & Made by Artori Design. those are pretty epic for bookends lol

countertop turns into a screen so you can view recipies, music, movies, the weather and much more

kitchen, Unique Kitchen Countertops Design Ideas For Modern Smart Kitchen Design Ideas And Interactive Kitchen With Kitchen Island Design With Black Countertop Design With Kitchen Furniture Ideas: Unique Kitchen Countertops for Kitchen Design Ideas

Careful my friend.


'martyr' lamp is designed by UK design studio the play coalition. made from stainless steel the playful lamp hangs from a plug point.

A sculptural installation created with Styrofoam cups by Tara Donovan  wow-wee.

Clouds Sculpture made of styrofoam cups / Tara Donovan - What a great way for natural light to be let in. Beautiful The more of this artist I see the more I love her. Is she trying to say something about plastic cups?